Well Dressed: Fall Styling Event with Intermix Tonight!

One last friendly reminder – hope to see as many of you as possible tonight at the Intermix Somerset Collection from 5-7pm. Whether your closet needs an overhaul or you just need a piece or two to update your wardrobe for the new season, I’ll help you find what you need. Check out their fall trend report and fall lookbook to see what’s in store. See you tonight!


Well Dressed: Go with the Flow!

Hope you all had a great week! Bear with me on the length of this post – there is an outfit below if you prefer to just scroll down…

Times of change and challenge, including season changes, require us to loosen our grip on where we’re headed and go with the flow. I just traveled to Wisconsin with my yoga teacher Hilaire Lockwood to do a power yoga master class and a workshop on the chakra system at a studio in Kohler. A full day dedicated to being on my mat always reminds me that I’m not making nearly enough time to practice. Breathing (pranyama) is our most accessible and organic tool for regulating our mind, emotions and nervous system. When coupled with a physical practice that energetically opens and empowers the areas of the body that need it most, a consistent practice enables us to walk through life with the right amount of strength and surrender. We feel balanced. Over the 12 years I’ve been practicing and teaching, my experience goes something like this: when I practice less, my mind gets busier, my emotions are more reactive and erratic, and, quite frankly, I’m not as nice of a person! The more consistent I am on my mat, the deeper I breath off the mat, the slower my mind spins and the more discerning and calm my emotions are – all creating a more free, moderate (read: balanced) and fluid consciousness. A more stable emotional space and balanced energetic body allows me to trust the process and walk through life more fluidly rather than stomp through trying to be in control.

A lot of friends who know I teach ask me where to start and what kind of class to choose. Sadly, finding “real” yoga can be a challenge, if you’re seeking it for its true, traditional, holistic benefits and not just the physical movement. I have two tips for anyone searching to start yoga. First, do your research. Read the bios of the teachers to find out where they were trained (maybe even IF they were trained – lots of teachers these days sadly aren’t even certified) and the philosophy behind how they teach. Look for language that speaks to addressing the practice holistically – physical movement as well as breathwork and meditation. Second, don’t be “one and done”. Yoga has been watered down in the West to include so many styles, formats and variations. Don’t let your first experience shape your whole perspective of yoga in general. Every studio, every teacher and every class will be different – search until you find the one that fits. Feel free to contact me for a recommendation no matter where you live.

Along that vein, if you follow the news or yoga at all, you probably know one of the true pillars of the yoga community, BKS Iyengar, passed away this week at the age of 95. My teacher training with Hilaire included two of his books, one of them being one of the best books you could ever read, regardless of whether or not you practice yoga or ever want to. Pick up Light on Life and read it. He is the creator of Iyengar Yoga (which is perhaps the best method of yoga that exists), however the book is more about life than it is specifically about yoga. His humble reflections on living a yogic life are a perspective so worth hearing. Best of all, if you don’t have time (or desire) for the physical practice, reading books like this one promote self-study, which is what the whole practice of yoga encourages in general – regardless of whether or not you are on a yoga mat.

Thank you for reading!

Be well xo


ASOS skirt; Knot Sisters tank; J. Crew slides; Ray Ban sunnies; Chanel large boy


I threw on an option to wear the skirt for fall – just a couple shots to give you an idea.

ASOS skirt; Autumn Cashmere cropped grey sweater (old but love this new one here); Isabel Marant Dicker booties; Feathered Soul OM necklace; Céline phantom


Well Dressed: Transitional Trend

It’s that time of year again – time to begin transitioning your wardrobe from one season to the next. The trend of graphic, modern prints has been around for a few seasons now and in varying forms – skirts, sweatshirts, bomber jackets – you name it. Especially in fabrics that have a modern feel too – a sort of thicker structured fabric that keeps its streamlined (read: modern) shape. A prior piece I posted was this Markus Lupfer skirt from spring/summer. I’m not typically into modern pieces because I tend to gravitate to earthy colors in more loose and flowy fabrics, but I think it’s important to vary your look once in a while and step outside your comfort zone. Modern pieces lend themselves to a cleaner, understated and simple look, which I love. I hate tons of accessories and otherwise very embellished looks (Coco Chanel said “before leaving the house, a lady should look in the mirror and remove one accessory.”) I had fun styling this skirt, and wanted to post two looks – one that you can wear through the remainder of summer and one for early fall. Keep this option in mind while you are shopping for fall pieces because as we know, especially in Michigan, there are definitely a few weeks when you need to be able to wear things in a wide range of temperatures. If you go for a modern piece for fall, keep your shoe on the same vein. No wedges, overly dressy strappy sandals or anything otherwise too feminine – stick to something modern, funky/masculine and simple.

I just got this Neil Barrett skirt from Intermix, and, if you missed it in my last post – please join me as I host a fall styling event at my local Troy, MI store on August 27! The event isn’t a fashion show but rather an opportunity to come shop the latest fall trends and I will be there to help you choose what works best for you and incorporate them into your wardrobe. Great opportunity to update your closet!

Be well xo



Wear it now: Neil Barrett skirt (if you don’t dig the skirt, the lightning pattern comes in a sweatshirt, blazer and pants, too. If you are brave enough to sport the separates trend, wear it on top and bottom!); Stateside tshirt; J. Crew slides (not on their website but I got them in the store a couple weeks ago); Céline bag (similar here); Stella McCartney sunnies


Wear it later: Neil Barrett skirt (link above); James Perse tank; Current/Elliott hoodie; J. Crew vest (on sale!); Converse sneakers (best sneakers ever); Chanel boy bag


Well Dressed in the Green Mountains + Exciting Announcement!

This year we decided to add Vermont onto our northeast roadtrip and I’m so glad we did! The green mountains are spectacular. With having lived in Denver, I love the mountains but am used to the more dry, rocky geography. Covered in trees in Vermont, they almost look more like rolling hills than mountains covered in greenery. Based on a recommendation on the Conde Nast Traveler website, I chose the Stowe Mountain Lodge but wasn’t impressed. I prefer a more intimate, boutique hotel. It felt corporate and sterile. Next time I will search out a B&B or a smaller hotel. Like I’ve said about Maine, next year’s trip we will be going in September or October to catch the color in both states.

When we are traveling somewhere that we’d like to find a hike, I use an app called All Trails. I typically search the nearest “difficult” hike. It gave us Hell Brook Trail and wow, was it difficult. It started steep and didn’t let up for the 90-minute duration. We descended on a more gradual trail, which we realized would also be a nice hike that would take longer but be less strenuous (called Long Trail). Descending Hell Brook would probably result in a broken bone or two, given the slippery rock and steep nature. Going down is super hard on my knees, too, so a gradual path down is my only option.

Scroll all the way down for my exciting news. Thank you for reading!

Be well xo


My guy is very big and tall thus this rock formation is really, really big and tall.


Photo doesn’t do the view justice. Rolling green mountains in the background.


The trail was marked by blue dots so you didn’t get lost. Much of it was like scaling a rock wall. Prepare to get a little dirty!


Finally at the top of the tree line. It was super wet and marshy so these railroad ties lined the very top of the trail.


What I wore! I love a shirtdress. Super comfortable and versatile, not to mention a great piece to transition from summer to fall. I have a more fall look on here but it can easily be worn with sandals through August and early September. Throw on boots and a vest or long sweater and you’re ready for fall!

Equipment dress; Maison Boinet belt; Isabel Marant booties (these are a blogger favorite it seems – one of the girls I follow and really like Something Navy just did a post about her favorite shoes and this was one of them for fall – couldn’t agree with her more); Céline phantom (color is dune); Spinelli Kilcollin ring


Last and definitely not least! I’m excited to announce I”ll be hosting a fall styling event with my most favorite store Intermix at the Somerset Collection. Super grateful to them for asking me to host this event! Please join me if you live in the mitten!


Well Dressed: Fringe Benefits

Hope you all had a great weekend! Just a quick outfit post from our trip last week — I couldn’t wait to wear this jacket from a new label I recently discovered and love called Tularosa. These photos were taken before dinner one of our nights at the Blair Hill Inn (read my prior post about our stay there). Nights are very cool in Maine so a jacket was very necessary! After Maine we drove through New Hampshire to Vermont, and my next post this week will be on our stay there including an outfit, of course! Stay tuned…

Coming up after that it’s time to start discussing fall clothes….I know, let’s pretend I didn’t say that!

Be well xo


Tularosa jacket; Tularosa tank; Rag & Bone shorts; Isabel Marant Dicker booties (my color is taupe – most favorite boots EVER – very worth the investment); Céline bag


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