Well Dressed: Peplum Stripes, Studs & Distressed Denim

I had another wonderful time in New York last week. I love that city! Aside from the obvious reasons of great food, entertainment and shopping, I’ve always loved the humility I gain from stepping outside of my daily routine and habitual existence and into an environment that’s so spontaneous and massive – in every sense of the word. There are so many places, people and activities but underneath all of that, there are so many cultures, perspectives, behaviors and beliefs to be observed. Ignorance may be blissful (and comfortable), but more knowledge fosters a mentality that there’s always a different perspective to consider and something bigger to strive for not just in a tangible, physical sense but in the way in which we think, act and behave. I personally return from somewhere so “worldly” as New York with a humble acceptance of the small (yet unique) piece of the puzzle that I occupy and a permission and confidence to shine within that uniqueness.

The week flew by! We saw Les Misérables and it was fantastic! I’m always blown away by the talent some people possess and choose to share. Such a gift. The paparazzi swarmed our hotel most of the week because Kiera Knightly and Adam Levine were staying there for their move premiere. Didn’t see Adam (darn!) but did see Kiera, who is just as beautiful in person. Always magical to see a celebrity in person!

With the holiday weekend ahead my last blog post included 7 different outfits to wear to the weekend festivities (BBQs, fireworks, beach day, etc.) – if you missed it click here. I may be shooting myself in the foot but I’m heading into the holiday weekend starting a 5-day all-juice (read: no solid food) cleanse from my favorite juice spot Drought. Make sure to follow me on Facebook and Instagram for updates on how it goes!

Be well xo


Shot at the Crosby Street HotelIntermix blouse; Current/Elliott jeans; Valentino shoes (short version here); Balenciaga bag (old – similar here)


Anita Ko safety pin earring; Rings top to bottom – Ileana Makri eternity band, Cartier love band, own design, Anita Ko spike ring


Midi rings – One Jewelry & Sara Weinstock – contact Broken English



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