Well Dressed: Cutoff Cool

Happy Friday everybody! I love to layer my clothing but it can be a challenge in the summer months simply because of the temperatures. If you hadn’t noticed already, I’m a huge fan of vests (own way too many) – they make for great pieces to layer with tanks or lightweight tops in the summer months. This outfit pretty much combines my favorite things – cutoff jean shorts, stripes and anything olive green. The glasses, as a sidenote, are my new favorite accessory. When the dark-rimmed glasses trend first came around, I bought a pair without a prescription just to wear for fun when I felt like adding a funky element to my outfit. This pair I had made with a prescription to give my eyes a break from wearing contact lenses every day. It can be hard to find a pair that compliments your face but the rule of thumb I use is I try to make the top part of the frame match the shape of my eyebrows, or follow a similar line. For example, if your brows are more straight across, a pair with a more straight top part of the frame would work. For me, my eyebrows arch a tiny bit so I prefer a slight round shape at the top.

Have a great weekend and thank you for reading!

Be well xo


Madewell vest (on sale!); Bella Lux tank (vneck version here); Madewell necklace (available in store); Levi’s Vintage 501 cutoffs (link to purchase on Urban Outfitter’s website but I got these in the store which I recommend doing as sizing is somewhat weird plus the washes vary so much that you need to see in person to get the right pair – can’t beat the price!); Céline bag, glasses and shoes


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