Well Dressed: Overall Bliss

There are days that I just don’t want to put on something tight (ie, skinny jeans). Those days I am usually searching my closet for something a bit more loose and relaxed (read: comfort) yet I still want to look put together and stylish. It’s all too easy to just throw on workout gear or even sweat pants on those days and be completely comfortable. I actually read an article last week that indicated yoga pants have outpaced denim in marketshare as a pant option for women. While it’s a topic for another blog post, I do think our society has taken the acceptance of workout clothes as “clothes” too far and we’ve gotten sloppy. I always wonder what it would’ve been like to live back in the earl-y and mid-1900s when you always left the house looking your best. Perhaps back then it was because we didn’t have clothes to excess so the only option was to put on the presentable items you owned. Dare I say it was a much more elegant society back then…I digress.

Back to the topic of looking good comfortably — this spring I ended up trying numerous pairs of overalls and was I was happy to find these Current/Elliotts, as they’re a great option for comfort and style. I’ll most likely always wear these with some sort of heeled shoe, but would consider a dressier flat or espadrille.

Thank you for reading!

Be well xo


Current/Elliott overalls; James Perse tank; Nocturne necklace (old but lots of cool options here); Alexandre Birman shoes (old – similar here); Céline bag


3 Comments on “Well Dressed: Overall Bliss

  1. Very chic!
    What about the size of this overalls? Larger than expected? Does size 1 fit larger on a XS or 25/0 frame? Thanks!

    • Hi Wendy! Sorry for delayed reply. Sizing is big for sure! I’m in a size 0 and could’ve gone smaller if there was a smaller size, and I’m not a twig. I wear a 25 in most denim.

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