Well Dressed: My Go-To Pieces

Everyone has those items in their closet they grab instinctually that epitomize their style and don’t require any thought. For me it’s these R13 jeans that I’ve had for years and are, as a result, perfectly worn in and shaped to my body (I can’t wait until they start ripping); a classic button up; and these go-with-everything booties. A button-up shirt is something I own a lot of, probably to excess. Since I’m usually in jeans, they’re a piece that will always pair well with denim, and they tend to go along with my understated approach to fashion. They’re slightly elegant and conservative in some ways yet when buttoned down and slightly oversized, they can be sexy. I love to roll the sleeves, throw on some bracelets and of course make an attempt at the cursory half-tuck. Since these boots go with everything in my closet, they were a natural choice yet boots may seem more of a fall/winter item to most. I actually wear them well into summer and dig them out in late August, because I love this type of boot with dresses, denim shorts and skirts. The skin-tone color is light enough that with shorts and skirts they don’t chop your legs off (for lack of a better way of saying it!) like a dark color would.

Property of Adria Peaden Photography

My beautiful mom and I in Florida this year

In the grand scheme of fashion and trends, it can be overwhelming on what to buy, what goes with what, is this in or is this out, etc. How many times have you picked up an item you loved and thought “I love it but have no idea what I’d wear it with/where I’d wear it/how I’d wear it.” One of the many pieces of advice my mother said to me always rings in my mind. Her and I shopped a lot growing up and still do when we have the chance, and if I come across an item I love but am not sure if it will go with anything in my closet, she always reminds me that there’s a thread through our tastes that never leaves us and although we may stray toward a certain trend or another, chances are everything in our closet can be mixed and matched given that common thread. Aren’t moms the best?

The bottom line – as the saying goes, fashion and trends come and go but style is eternal. And style should be an honest, personal expression of self. If you genuinely like something and are drawn to it from the deepest pieces of your being, you will wear it well and wear it confidently – far better than wearing a something that’s “in style” but doesn’t suit YOUR style. I can’t think of three more attractive qualities than being genuine, honest and confident.

Thank you for reading!

Be well xo


These were shot in Hawaii at the Four Seasons on the big island when we were there in March but I’m just getting around to posting them!

Current/Elliott shirt; R13 jeans; Isabel Marant dicker booties; Céline bag; Ray Ban sunnies; Broken English, J. Crew & Dannijo bracelets


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