Well Dressed: Silk Shorts for Summer

I love saying that word! Summer! I feel like I’ve been shopping for summer clothes since they came out in February (pretty soon they’ll come out at Christmas time) and can finally wear them (and they’re now all on sale). One item I’m always drawn to is shorts – typically jean shorts but silk shorts are a close second.

That being said, I have a love-hate relationship with shorts. We all have a body part we are self-conscious of, right? For me (you can roll your eyes) it’s my legs. For whatever reason, maybe it’s modern-day media images jammed down my throat, when I look in the mirror, my immediate thought is wanting skinnier legs. I’m conscious of it though, and that’s the first step. I won’t use this blog post as a platform for my insecurities but I mention it because we, as women, whether it’s directed toward our whole self or one specific body part, habitually and unnecessarily criticize ourselves. Working in the fitness industry, I see it first-hand every day. I will note that I think a very small dose of that is ok from the standpoint that it ensures we continue to work toward creating the best version of ourselves possible. No, that doesn’t mean an endless and unattainable goal of looking like a Victoria’s Secret model (because who does?). It means maybe that regardless of physical condition, because there is no mold for what us women “should” look like anyways, you maintain a state of mind that’s focused on being healthy and balanced. Maintaining balance means sometimes we have our days when we consume things that we know aren’t good for our insides yet it perhaps, for that day, feeds our soul in some way (hamburgers, fries, ice cream, comfort food anyone?). The overall quest for being healthy long-term prohibits us from making those choices daily. For me, if I make those choices all too often (perhaps on vacation), I don’t feel good about myself and I crave my normal, balanced life. The bottom line – eating well and moving my body keeps me on the straight and narrow mentally, regardless of what I look like physically. You may have heard the saying that one workout (or healthy meal) won’t make you skinny just like one bad meal (or missed workout) won’t make you out of shape or overweight. I know my mind will convince me of anything I perceive to be true about myself based on how I choose to feel, so my best defense is making choices that help me feel good about myself a majority of the time. The quality of our overall state of being is predictated by balance and clarity in the mental and emotional body — the physical is simply a by-product of the quality of our thoughts and emotions. As Oscar Wilde said, “Be (and love) yourself – everyone else is already taken!”

Thank you for reading and Happy Memorial Day weekend!

Be well xo


L’Agence shorts; Stateside shirt; Madewell vest; Céline sandals & bag; Illesteva sunnies; Sethi Couture rings

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