Well Traveled: Hawaii Photo Diary – Part Two

Part one of my Hawaii posts left off when we arrived on the big island. The first day there, being that we are both “busy bodies”, we had a hard time settling into the more remote nature of the island of Hawaii. Once we did though, we enjoyed a lot of kona coffee, pooltime, whalewatching, a helicopter ride and of course some great workouts. The gym at the Four Seasons was quite possibly the best hotel gym I’ve ever seen (in a close second place is the gym at the Del Mar near San Diego) and if the shopping bug gets you as often as it gets me, the boutiques at the hotel carried quite a nice selection of designers. The photos below tell the story. Enjoy and thank you for reading!

Be well xo




Breakfast with a view each morning….


…including whales breaching off in the distance!


The first day was cloudy so we toured the island by car. This little guy was hanging out on the side of the road and I loved his heart-shaped patch of white hair.


We found a great spot for a coffee break – organic and local!



I have a soft spot for a scone with my coffee!



The sweet lady at the coffee shop recommended a great spot for lunch, and it happened to be named Annie’s!


Local, grass-fed beef, of course.



The next few days we had great weather! There wasn’t much of a traditional long sandy beach on the island, as most of the earth/ground there is dried lava. As you drive along the road, it literally looks like rolling, bubbling lava that has dried, almost like it could still be liquid. Very cool!


Helicopter ride!


The first part of the ride took us over to the southeast part of the island where the Kilauea volcano has been actively erupting since 1983. Prior to seeing it, I pictured one huge spout of lava coming out, which isn’t reality. Not only does it not have a huge spout into the air, there are several spots erupting at once. The photos show the lava boiling up inside and the third picture you can kind of see the little red dots in the photo of lava shooting out. A little hard to capture through the glass of a moving helicopter. There are two neighboring volcanos to the north and west that have been dormant for quite a while, and our pilot said one of them will likely become active when Kilauea stops in the near future, as they usually erupt for 30 years or so. He also said the next Hawaiian island will come to exist to the south east of the big island, as there are underwater volcanos erupting now and will break the surface in 20,000 years or so. Puts a little perspective on our short 80(ish) years on earth, doesn’t it? An erupting volcano is something worth seeing in your lifetime for sure!




We flew north from the volcano to explore the more green, lush side of the island that provided views of amazing valleys and waterfalls.






The following day we took a private whale watch tour on a ribcraft boat. When ocean waves, a boat and my stomach come together it’s not a pleasant experience but I really wanted to see the whales so I downed some Dramamine and we set sail. It was especially wavy that morning so trying to balance and take photos presented a huge challenge, and while I did get some decent photos, they are no where near representative of what it was like in person. Our captain said it was his best whale watching trip he’s had all year. At the outset a baby and its mom/dad were not more than 40 yards from us , which you can see in the first few photos. The baby breached a ton but the mom/dad only breached a handful of times. Seeing that huge of a mammal come all the way out of the water with your own eyes is truly magnificent. Again, another experience you must seek out in your lifetime!

You knew when his back came out of the water even the littlest bit that he was an extremely massive mammal.


This is the baby.


Post-breach of the mom/dad.


The beginning of the mom/dad breaching…



This it the tail of the mom/dad. After they had breached several times he brought his tail out of the water and kept slapping it down on the water, probably 10-12 times. Possibly playing or some form of communication maybe.





After we finished with the whales, we found dolphins. A couple of the schools were spinner dolphins who kept jumping out of the water and spinning in cirlces, as shown below.



At the end, we found schools of manta reys and jumped in to snorkle and watch. They were a perfect way to end the trip – they’re like birds under the water. They flap their fins so gracefully and smoothly. This was a fear for me to overcome for sure – I am scared of the wide open ocean! Having to let go of that and jump in took some courage but was worth it!


Back at the resort, we enjoyed dinner and one last beautiful sunset. Until next time, Hawaii, mahalo and aloha!



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