Well Traveled: Hawaii Photo Diary – Part One

Aloha from Hawaii! We arrived last Wednesday and stayed two days in Oahu, then came to the big island of Hawaii where we’ve been ever since. We only have a couple more days left but have a helicopter ride and whale watching planned, from which I hope to have great photos to share (and of course more outfits!).

P.S. If you hadn’t noticed, I changed the name of my blog. While the prior title represented what the blog was about, it was too confusing to tell people the title and for them to remember it. I settled on Annie du Jour because I wanted to use my name and something from the French language. I majored in French and lived in Paris for a period of time, and always admired the sense of style French women have – I love their understated, chic, elegant and effortless approach to fashion – so the title seemed to fit. If you didn’t know, “du jour” means “of the day” (which always harkens me back to my favorite movie, Dumb and Dumber. and the scene where he asks about the soup du jour). That movie will never get old!

Be well xo


Palm trees, ocean and boats set the stage for a perfect sunset from the Modern Hotel Honolulu.


Morning walk with coffee (my James Perse shorts, New Balance tennis shoes, Ray Ban sunnies and this headband go with me everywhere)




At the start of our favorite hike on Oahu at Koko Head Crater Park. Railroad ties extend all the way to the top totaling about 1,500 steps.


The view at the top is certainly worth the 20(ish) minutes of heart-pumping cardio.


A great spot called Goofy we found for breakfast.


I loved the dish I had — eggs with kale, avocado, corn and goat cheese with a whole wheat English muffin and kale salad. Delicious!



Our one night out on Oahu, I couldn’t wait to style this new skirt. Outfit details coming soon in a future post! Wind, heat and humidity never make for a good hair day for me!


Beginning the second part of our trip at the Four Seasons Hualalai on the Big Island. Obsessed with camo lately thus these Current Elliott pants are a favorite. Paired with an Equipment sweater, Valentino sandals and Céline bag…and a lei of course. Stay tuned for part two of our Hawaii trip soon!



4 Comments on “Well Traveled: Hawaii Photo Diary – Part One

  1. I love your new name! You are absolutely inspirational in your well being, style and beautiful writing. I completely look forward to your next blog…obsessed!!!

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