Monthly Archives: January 2014

Well Being: Tone Your Tush!

I’ve been a firm believer and practicioner of weight lifting for over 15 years. I’ve enjoyed the results, I like how it makes my body feel and I think it’s important for the support and health of my bones and joints. I’ve dabbled in all kinds of weight lifting from light resistance and high repetitions […]

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Well Dressed: Winter White from day to night

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend! All this cold weather combined with all of the resort wear hitting the stores has me dreaming about wearing all things white, and especially my white jeans and white pumps from last summer. With how rogue the fashion industry tends to be, it seems like the “no white […]

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Well Dressed: Wear It Now & Wear It Later…and stop to smell the roses!

If you’re like me, this time of year you’re in a serious fashion pickle. You’re tired of winter already. All the stores are getting bright, shiny, new resort/spring items. You can’t wear any of them until at least April or May. At which point they’ll all have gone on sale. And the winter stuff still […]

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