Be Well Wednesday: Avocado Toast

My favorite restaurant in New York City is a little cozy place in Soho called Café Gitane. It’s where I fell in love with avocado toast. Since I don’t (yet) live in NYC, I had to perfect making it at home and it’s since become a staple in my diet. While I do love my at-home version, it’s like anything you try IMG_2903to mimic from a restaurant – it’s not quite as good. Close but not there yet. The secret is the bread they use that I’ve yet to find in Michigan. If you live in NYC, run as fast as you can to get a loaf of Orwashers whole grain bread. I settle for something whole grain/seed from Whole Foods. I like to have it for a snack or alongside some soup for a meal.


1 slice of whole grain bread toasted

Half of a ripe medium avocado

1 teaspoon extra virgin olive oil + drizzle

1/4 of fresh lemon

Red pepper flakes


While the bread is toasting, in a bowl mash up the avocado, then mix in the olive oil and squeeze the lemon into the bowl to get all the juice out. Mix together thoroughly. Drizzle the bread with a touch of olive oil, then spread avocado mixture on the toast and top with red pepper flakes (amount is up to you whether you like things super spicy or not that spicy). I am not huge spicey-hot person but for some reason I can tolerate a good amount of red pepper flakes on the toast so don’t be shy! Enjoy!

P.S. If you go to Gafé Gitane, also order the CousCous with Chicken (pictured below) and make a stop at the Little Cupcake Bakeshop which is two doors south for a Coconut Cloud cupcake.

Be well xo


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