Well Traveled: Maine Attraction

You don’t have to be an outdoorsman, camper or lover of nature to take a tour through one of our most beautiful states — Maine. I spent five days there in August and enjoyed delicious lobsta, hiked a mountain and marveled at moose. Early October is their peak time for fall colors, so if I could plan a last minute trip, I would, but we plan to return next fall. Here I pass along my must do’s for Maine.

Visit Moosehead Lake

Fly into Bangor and drive north to this unbelievably beautiful town. Stay at the Blair Hill Inn – a historic bed and breakfast that offers the rustic feel of Maine but with a five-star hotel feel (food will not disappoint either). Bonus: stop at Spring Creek BBQ along the way – you won’t regret it.

Do a private moose safari

By far the best part of our trip. Use Northwoods Outfitters and take a private safari. They offer them early morning (6am) or late afternoon (4pm), which is what we did. Bonus: you can BYOB. Sipping red wine while moose watching is something I won’t soon forget!

East a lobster roll (or six)

Lobster shacks dot the entire coast of Maine so you can’t go wrong. While it was cool to see the lobsters in the bin, I did feel bad for all of them trapped in there!

Hike a mountain

Our initial plan was to tackle the 8-hour roundtrip hike up and down Mt. Katahdin, which is the summit of the Appalachian Trail. We chickened out when we read the reviews that talked about how scary the “knife’s edge” was and after realizing it was a 2+ hour drive away and we needed to start our summit by sunrise, we opted for a closer mountain called Big Spencer. It was a great choice as it was only 45 minutes from Moosehead Lake, there were hardly any people on the trail and it was definitely a workout!

Visit Bar Harbor

Bar Harbor is an iconic town you must visit, and a couple days is ample. We found a great restaurant for brunch and dinner, and the nearby Acadia National Forest provides tons of hiking options. I wish I could pass along a lodging recommendation, but we stayed at the West Street Hotel and felt like it was a glorified Holiday Inn. Next time we will do a B&B.

One of my prior fashion posts included photos I took at the Blair Hill Inn – in case you missed it, click here. Thank you for reading!

Be well xo


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