Monthly Archives: August 2013

Well Being: Step Up Your Cardio

My weekly wellness routine involves cardio, weightlifting, yoga and pilates. I intend to elaborate on each one of those in future well being posts but I am starting with arguably my most favorite form of cardio: bleacher running. On any given hot summer night, I’m my happiest at the bleachers. There are many reasons I […]

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Well Dressed: One more wear of white

In Michigan, where I call home, we are entering our last week of summer. Public schools traditionally start the day after Labor Day and the short-lived (but beautiful) fall season follows quickly thereafter. I am leaving for New York in the morning and haven’t started packing, but I operate best under last-minute pressure. You could […]

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So you’re saying I’m a blogger?

And so it begins — friends have been telling me for a long time to start a blog. While I’d consider myself more of a follower than a leader (that’s the Virgo in me), I’ve always been intrigued by the idea of blogging. I may be a little late to the party (again, that would […]

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